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About an-naba academy

Online Quran Academy For online Quran classes and Islamic Education

AnNaba academy is an online Islamic academy that offers Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies classes to all Muslim over the globe for non – native Arabic speakers as well as for Arabic native Speakers with affordable fees.

We have students from many countries over the world including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, China and English and Chinese speakers in other countries.

As we do our best to provide online Islamic classes, we also use the best studying materials for each student and the modern technologies in teaching. We use Zoom application in classes and Edmodo for the chatting between the student with his/her teacher and creating assignments.

Also, Teachers learn to use all these application tools to provide the best online classes with students.

our teachers

Our tutors are highly qualified with vast experience teaching online who studied at Al-Azhar university (The world’s leader university in providing Islamic studies). Our teachers teach not only Quran and the essentials of Islam but also different fields of specialised Islamic studies like: Aqida ,Fiqh or Quran Ijaza certificate.

We have selection process to select new teachers to ensure that He/She is qualified by being Hafiz Quran and studied Islamic studies and studied how to teach Arabic for non-Arabic speakers.

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our main goal

Our main goal is to provide the most effective E-learning experience for children and adults and to create a conscious Muslim generation that has sufficient knowledge of the book of Allah and the essential principles of Islam.

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