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learn Arabic Grammar. In This course, you can learn the Arabic grammar with simple and easy lessons that covers the most important grammar lessons. This course will help you in understanding the language of Quran and to learn Tafseer or Quran meaning. Learn Arabic Grammar is also course for beginners so, you don’t need a previous knowledge of the Arabic grammar you only should be able to read Arabic only.

This is a free course video and text lessons made for all Arabic learners around the world with focus on the Quranic Arabic. It includes:

  • Videos 
  • Written lessons
  • Quizzes and exercises after each lesson or module
  • Free certificate of completion granted freely By Annaba Academy

you will learn how to:

  • build excellent foundation to the Arabic language
  • correctly convey meaning
  • form coherent sentences
  • avoid common grammar mistakes!

This course is created by Words of wisdom

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Estimated Time: 1 week

Difficulty: Elementary

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