How to teach kids Islam

How to teach your kids Islam & subscribe to Islamic studies lessons

It’s our responsibility to teach our kids their religion Islam and to help them to know Allah and get closer to him SWT to help them to grow with the knowledge of Islam.

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In this article, you will figure out how to teach your kids Islam and how to help them to love their religion. Which can teach them to respect their parents, to have a strong will to do righteous deeds, and to have a good relationship with Allah that has an effect on their life.
You will learn how to teach children Islam, how to teach Islam to a toddler, and how to teach your kids Islamic studies online.

1- Bring and Read prophet stories to your children

The prophet stories are one of the best ways and kids really love it. You can buy them Islamic studies books about the prophets’ stories and read them to them. And, there are a lot of cartoon videos on YouTube which they can watch to learn. If your kids prefer to watch on TV, there are so many Islamic TV channels for kids which show prophet stories cartoons, and other Islamic programs which they shouldn’t miss! After they know about the stories of the prophets, they should know the biography of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, his life, and his message.

2- Be their role model 

Kids are more likely to imitate their parents and follow their steps in their life. A lot of things they would love to do if they find you doing. For example: performing Salah in front of them will make them ask about it and probably they will want to perform it as well. Also, if they are already performing Salah, asking them to pray Salah with you is better to keep them performing it regularly.

Making Due with them can get them closer to Allah and you can teach them to believe in Allah, rely on him, and ask him by making Due for everything they need. There are other good things you can do with them like giving charity and having a good relationship with their friends and family.

3- Participate in Islamic events

Everyone knows how the atmosphere can affect kids. An Islamic atmosphere can affect kids and help them to love their religion. Look for a Masjid or Islamic organization near to you which held Islamic events where kids can have fun and play, make Muslim friends, and learn about Islam. That’s how you can teach your children Salah and Tawheed.

4- Buy them Islamic books to teach kids Islam

Picture books are the favorite type for kids. It will be beneficial if you buy them Islamic books which are for kids and help them to read and understand them. Islamic studies book can easily teach you kids Islam.

5- Listening to Quran

Listening to the Quran in your house instead of playing Music is one of the important things that make kids love reading and listening Quran. It can be the first step before giving them Quran lessons. They can take online Quran classes with us by certified Quran teachers and learn Quran online with proper Tajweed.

6- Subscribe your kids to Islamic studies lessons and Quran

You can subscribe to Islamic studies lessons for kids and also for adults with us. In these classes, your kids can know about their religion and will be able to find answers to their questions while learning. They will learn from professional teachers who graduated from Islamic studies university and teaching Quran and Islam to many Muslims around the world. 

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