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Learning a foreign language is much easier when you learn it with a teacher. At Annaba Academy, We strive to provide the best online Arabic courses and interactive Arabic learning for kids and adults. With professional Arabic teachers who graduated from prestigious universities. Therefore, you can learn Arabic online in one on one Online Arabic classes easily. Quranic Arabic and Literary Arabic are taught by Arabic teachers in online Arabic classes only or in Quran and Arabic classes for all ages. 

Learn Arabic in English for all levels. You can learn Arabic alphabet to advanced Arabic studies. No matter how hard is it to learn Arabic or how long does it take to learn Arabic. You will learn Arabic language online easily at the comfort of your home with absolute ease. You can register for Arabic classes for yourself or you can register your kids.

You can take online Arabic classes along with online Quran classes or Islamic studies classes.

Join the best professional Arabic teachers and start your learning Arabic journey with us.

Enroll your kids now in online Arabic classes and start learning with us. 

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Why should you learn Arabic online with Annaba academy?

  • Interactive Arabic classes with the best Arabic learning books.
  • Quran and Arabic online for kids in one class by Arabic teachers.
  • Powerpoints and Onenote are used to keep students focused.
  • Variety of Arabic learning programs that suit each level.
  • Modern teaching methods used in teaching languages are applied.
  • Regular tests to evaluate students’ progress.
  • The ideal length of each class to avoid overburdening students.

Learn Arabic courses – Best course to learn Arabic

  • Learn Arabic reading and writing: We provide one-on-one Arabic lessons to learn Arabic online. You will be able to read and write in Arabic easily!

  • Learn Arabic speaking: You will be able to learn everyday Arabic expressions, make simple sentences using the words you know, and speak modern standard Arabic. 

  • Learn Arabic Nahw and Grammar: Learn the essential Arabic skills (speaking-listening) by expert Arabic tutors. You will be able to understand the structure of the Arabic sentence that helps you to improve your Arabic knowledge and to speak Arabic fluently.

  • Learn the Egyptian Arabic dialect. 

  • Learn Arabic for Quran understanding.

learn Arabic books – Best books to learn Arabic

Learn Madinah Arabic books.

Learn An-Naho al Wadeh.

Learn Kallimini Arabi.

Learn Arabic between your Hands.

Or any Arabic books you choose to learn.

How will you learn Arabic online with us?

We use an online video and audio calls application that provides screen sharing, whiteboard, and other features required in online teaching.

Pricing and fees?

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